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Summary of UK Gov's 2nd Daily Corona Meeting

Livestream can be found here (provided by The Guardian).

Part 1 - General Advice and Response (Boris Johnson)

  • ‘Act like any wartime government’
  • ‘The government machine must and will respond with a profound sense of urgency’
  • ‘We must do more and faster’
  • ‘We need to strengthen other public services’
  • ‘Although we now need to impose physical distance between ourselves, we must at the same time have closer social support for eachother’
  • ‘Yes this enemy can be deadly, but it is also beatable, and we know how to beat it…’
  • ‘How ever tough the months ahead, we have the resolve and the resources to win the fight’
  • ‘This government will do whatever it takes’

Part 2 - Economy (Rishi Sunak)

  • ‘This struggle will not be overcome by a single package of measures’
  • ‘It will be won through a collective national effort, everyone of us doing all we can to protect family, neighbours, friends, jobs’
  • ‘This national effort will be underpinned by government interventions in the economy on a scale unimagineable only a few weeks ago’
  • ‘This is not a time for ideology and orthodoxy, this a time to be bold, a time for courage’
  • ‘I want to reassure every British citizen: this government will give you all the tools you need to get through this’
  • ‘We will support jobs, we will support incomes, we will support businesses, and we will help you protect your loved ones’
  • ‘We will do whatever it takes’
  • ‘The government will stand behind businesses small and large; I can announce today an unprecedented package of government-backed and guaranteed loans to support business to get through this’
  • ‘Today I’m making avaliable an initial 330 billion pounds (£330bn) equivalent to 15 percent of our GDP’
  • ‘That means any business who needs access to cash to pay their rent, salaries, suppliers or purchase stock will be able to access a government-backed loan or credit on attractive terms’
  • ‘If demand is greater than the initial 330 billion pounds I’m making avaliable today, I will go further and provide as much capacity as required. I said whatever it takes, and I meant it.’
  • ‘Delivered through two main schemes’