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Is gay becoming an insult?

TL;DR: Mostly yes.

Warning: This article contains slurs, whilst censored, if you dislike them you may wish to avoid reading this.


Another new series as part of our new journalism adventure. ‘Serious News’, not satirical, and more serious articles about subjects that, in our opinion, require talking about.

Define Slurs?

We’re defining slurs as words and phrases which target people with specific differences.

Examples focusing on LGBTQ+ / queer people:

  • f*g(got) - Targetting gay individuals, but usually used more general with queer / LGBTQ+ people
  • tr*p - (Yes, this is a slur.) Targetting trans people, mostly trans women, indicating that they are ‘trapping’ / tricking men into going out with them.
  • tr*nny - Again targetting trans people.

How is it?

Over time, mostly over the last few years with recent generations, gay is becoming a more and more common slur / insult.


  • Ew, that's so gay!
  • Shut up gay boy
  • Etc.

My personal experience

As a young, queer / LGBTQ+ person, I’ve been called gay (as an insult) so many times I can’t count. I get / got used to it, and it just becomes a thing to get used to in life. Like bullying for some. But should it be this way? Why is it this way?

Hate is becoming accepted

Hate is starting to become accepted. At least with what I’ve seen both online, in real life, and in myself. We’re getting used to hate, bullying, insults, slurs, you name it.

But why?

Because of how our brains function. We like repetition, it’s learning to get used to something. We learn to wake up every morning, have a basic sleep schedule, etc.

Our brains like learning and repetition. It’s both great and a flaw at the same time.

But what can we do?

Not much.

Call people out on it, say it’s not cool to use it as an insult. But most people simply won’t care and will ignore you. Mean people will continue to be mean, bullies will continue to bully, etc, etc.


Thanks for reading this more serious article. This is part of our new adventure into journalism, where we’re writing short articles on topics in our two series, ‘Useless News’ - a more satirical and opinionated take and ‘Serious News’ - which is this, more serious and like actual journalism. We’re attempting to publish one a day, with writing them taking 30 - 60 minutes each, keeping the allocated time short to be more to the point. Thanks again.