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#IBlockedTheSun - A tail of useless hashtags


Welcome to ‘Useless News’, a satirical new series we’re starting showcasing (in our opinion) useless / stupid things that’s happening. These are our opinions, we’re not saying this is definitive. Now, onto the thing.

The Beginning

So, logging onto Twitter, looking at the trends…

Screenshot of Twitter Trends

Hmm, what’s that at number 3. #IBlockedTheSun? Immediately after seeing this I thought about the sun, like in the sky. How have people blocked the sun? What on Earth (get it?) is going on?

Clicks …oh wait.

Screenshot of Tweet

It’s people blocking ‘The Sun’, the… uh how do you describe it? Let’s look at how they describe it in their Twitter bio: News Website of the Year. Uh, how does Google describe it… The Sun is a tabloid newspaper... Ah yes, that’s it.


So basically, they’re pretty bad. For those not being enlightened by living in the UK, it’s like a bad version of the press. It’s officially a ‘Newspaper Format’ (Source: your local Google), but if you ask anyone living in the UK they’ll tell you they’re mostly dumb / useless / stupid / etc. (Source: your local UK citizen).

They manage to both be ‘News’ but also voice their opinions at the same time. This is mostly with saying ‘quotes’, but… that’s debatable.

But don’t get me wrong, tabloids have their place in the industry. They get uninterested people, interested. (But still.)

Oh wait, what was this about again?


Ah yes, #IBlockedTheSun, also named #BoycottTheSun, #DontBuyTheScum (I see what you did there), also known as #IHaveNothingBetterToDoWithMyLife (yes, I said it).

Boycotts are primarily (most of the time) pointless. In this case, it (for now) seems to be so. Why would The Sun (do they even deserve being capitalised?) care? Oh no, a couple thousands of Twitter users blocked our accounts, what are we going to do?!? Also known as, thousands of Twitter users are bullying me!?!?! (Not Clickbait), to YouTubers.

Whilst yes, it is was trending 3rd world wide on Twitter, and was trending 1st in the UK for a bit… it isn’t really that hard to do that. Also seemingly 30 minutes into writing this article it’s not trending anymore so…

But why did this all start?

Before we continue

This article is not at all targetting, harassing or attacking any individual people. In this next section I will name one particular organiser, purely to show context of why this all started.


Doing some basic (1 minute) research, you’ll find @Jaack on Twitter, who seems to have started this brigade, via a simple tweet:

Screenshot of Tweet

Making a giveaway, but instead of begging for follows, retweets or the like, tweeting #IBlockedTheSun and blocking… The Sun.

I don’t want to presume this person’s intentions. But I feel this may be all under a false cause, more wanting a giveaway than wanting to boycott The Sun? I doubt this is for most people, but I wouldn’t doubt a small few just did it for the giveaway.

Then going on to tweet updates of the trending status, and amount of people involved.


Don’t get me wrong, I hate The Sun (who doesn’t?). It’s a bunch of Bad Stuff (doesn’t stand for anything else) and is unneeded. But this is not the solution, this boycott won’t lead to much, if anything. Probably not even a (public) response from The Sun.

Another note

Well done for reading all the way, keen viewer. I’m surprised you could injure it. This is mostly an experiment, a pilot for this new (potential) series. To keep to opinions, this won’t be proof read at all. I’ll only edit this to fix spelling mistakes, etc. Bye for now.