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Interview with a server owner, Darxoc

Warning: This article contains offensive, homophobic views plus censored slurs and insults. We do not agree with any of these views.

When did you start creating servers?

Hmm, well, I’d say roughly a few months ago. I mean, this isn’t my first server. The majority of my servers were raided to the extent of which I had to leave. Most were brought down also. My last server was indefinitely the largest of them.

Yes, I’ve heard from others these servers are often raided.


Can I ask the name of your last server?

“Anti-LGBT”, there are quite a few named the same too, but I’d rather not change the idea of the servers.

Fair enough.

In-fact, all my servers were named anti-LGBT, of course with revisions. Interesting, okay.

How big was / is your biggest server?

At it’s peak it had roughly 136 members, as I can recount. Possibly more.

Nice. So is there a singular definitive reason why you created them? Other than hating LGBT.

Not necessarily, I want to at least put an end to the LGBT “communities” within Discord, so I made a server trying to propagate that singular idea to the homosexuals that joined. Because you know homosexuals end up joining them. They’re persistent and stubborn people, at least the ones I have encountered.

Alright. How many servers have you created overall?

I’d say maybe around four, maybe more. The first one I joined I was an administrator in, it was a server owned by a Discord user named “GIR”, I was one of the first people to join. He heard my views and decided he enjoyed what I had to say. And I ended up becoming an administrator.

Could you explain your views?

Well, I say that homosexuals aren’t really doing the world any good by being around, they’re certainly not improving the population. I hate transgenders, especially the ones that get the “sexual reassignment surgery”. You can’t change your biological sex.

Okay. If you could, what would you say to the trolls and raiders who attack your server?

“Why are you raiding me, you’re not benefiting anything”. I mean, it’s true. The raiders and trollers are annoying, if you insult their sexual orientation they’ll try and harass you on social media. They’re obnoxious. Not happening, the fake sexual orientation gig is up. They’re inc*l SJW ret**ds that demand more attention so that they may gain access to rights and benefits so they can knowingly abuse them. They know these rights are selfish and irresponsible for that matter. They’re like children.

Uh, alright.

You could remove the profanity.

Yeah I might. Why do you think ‘homosexuals aren’t really doing the world any good’?

What are they helping, all I’ve seen them doing is flaunting their sexuality in our face by “pride parades”, where they shove their pride flags down our throat.

However, not all homosexuals do that, yes?

The pride month is just a desperate thing ploy for advertisers to get gay people to support their brand. Just slap a rainbow flag on anything. And, correct, not ALL homosexuals are like that.

Okay. So I’m going to ask your opinion on a couple of laws / things, is that alright?

The majority of the ones I’ve encountered, yet again.

Sure. Same-sex marriage, what’s your opinion?

It’s okay, if they want to, go ahead. As long as they don’t make it part of their agenda, pushing it at us. Like, “bragging”.

Yep. Adoption with same-sex parents?

Yet again, it’s okay. Though, heterosexual parents, male and female, both bear different parent values to teach their children. Which is better for the child.

Alright. Are you aware your servers are being banned for valid reasons? And by creating further servers is still against ToS?

Oh, of course. I’m fine with being taken down, I see it as an opportunity to meet more people with the same ideals and criteria. I could just restart again.

So you agree this is ineffective?

I’ve been banned multiple times, roughly four. Ineffective, how?

I mean that banning the servers and your accounts are ineffective to preventing you, as you just make more?


Do you have any methods to suggest to prevent this better?

They haven’t IP banned me, I can knowingly continue. Hmm, I say maybe have have server rules and restrictions for homosexuals (and the rest of the LGBT alphabet soup of degeneracy) they’re the main cause of bans being issued to people like me. I mean, us homophobes certainly wouldn’t do so to each other without a logical reason at hand.

Sure. It seems the majority of people in your server wish gay people to be killed, do you have any comment on this?

No, not really. It’s their opinion, they should do so if they feel like that’s the right decision.

However, saying gay people should be killed is hate speech, yes?

That depends how you look at it. For instance, if you’re an insecure special snowflake you may say that.

Alright. I’m going to slightly rebuttal some of the points you’ve made, is this okay?

Do as you wish.

Great. Earlier, you said you want to put an end to LGBT “communities” within Discord, surely this is against free speech? The same thing many defend your servers with.

We all have civil liberties, it applies to each of us. Free speech isn’t exempt to any group.

But you want to end LGBT communities on Discord, which is the opposite of free speech, you’re essentially censoring them by doing that.

No, I’m trying to stop them by effectively implementing my server. Implementing it within Discord, that is. Being able to express ones ideals freely is free speech. Alright, well, I must go, it was nice speaking with you.

Oh I have a couple of questions from people, I asked them if they had anything they wanted to say to an owner of an anti-LGBT Discord server. Is it okay if I say a few quick?

Hurry though.

Alright. “Where did your homophobia stem from? Was there a parental figure or a piece of media that spurred on this belief system?”

No, it was me being fed up with the agenda that coexists within school. The GSA. I believe GSA is an acronym for the “Gay, Straight Alliance”, or whatever.

Thanks for the answer. Next: “How does their sexuality directly impact your everyday life?”

And yet again, school. I see people flaunting their sexual orientation within school. Like, during June they try to gain excess (rather unneeded) attention by waving their flags at school. I’d rather not hear kids running around and parading something so minuscule and unneeded.

Alright. “Ask them why do they feel the need to be so Devicive on the internet, also ask them how it feels to see lgtbq rights groups winning everyday.”

They’re not “winning” anything, they’re, trying to pressure the government into giving them “rights” so they can willingly exploit them. I’m not being divisive, my making goal is to create less anomalies, or deviants, which will hopefully help us (as a whole) pave our way back to normalcy.

Alright, that’s it. Thanks again.

No problem.

Just to confirm you’re okay with me publishing this full interview online?

Oh, it’s alright.

Do you want me to censor your nickname?

Nah, it’s fine.