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A New Era for Oojmed

Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

We (rather I) have still been doing quite a lot of programming, however most of it we haven’t (fully) publicised on our main sites. We are essentially remaking our core principals into being less corporate-like (the original goal) and being more casual, generally more friendly and one on one. I see no reason to present as this “official organisation, yep” all the time, especially major neat updates like these.

We mostly do programming, however I have been wanting to expand Oojmed also as a journalistic entity / “news” organisation too. You probably could have guessed this as a lot of the past blog posts were of a journalistic nature (rather, I hoped it seemed that way). After the Coronavirus hit us all (some people harder than others) I feel it has both halted and inspired this new passion. Bringing light to things that should be seen, etc.

We have also updated our main site with the projects now being split into a variety of categories (as well as adding our new projects).

Hope you all are doing great, hopefully we will have a new blog post out soon.